Simple Ways to Access 7 Levels of Revenue.

August 23, 2016

When I started on my Entrepreneur journey over 10 years ago, I would have been overjoyed to have had this piece of information. My journey would have been less bumpy! Often times as a start up, very important pieces of information are withheld and sometimes that piece of information can make all the difference between being extremely successful and extremely unsuccessful. So let’s chat!

For example, when I ventured out as an Entrepreneur I was gravely misinformed by people telling me that my family and friends were going to be first & best customers.They said I should ask them to patron my business because that’s what friends and family do. These super intelligent people neglected to tell me that this wouldn’t work because they most likely aren’t my target audience. Well, as many Entrepreneurs have discovered, the whole family & friends concept clearly wasn’t true. The other one that was a killer, was serious business people checked their emails first thing in the morning and all through out the day. These people neglected to tell me that if I focused on my emails I was actually fulfilling the position of an Executive Assistant and leaving the Chief Executive Officer position vacant!

Well, I figured out how to sift out the mess from the good stuff about 2 years into business. During my 4th year of Entrepreneurship, I was exposed to the principals of “ The 7 Levels of Revenue” by Bishop Tudor Bismark. All I can tell you is, this piece of information shifted my mindset and helped me sift out more mess! These principles made the difference between extreme success and extreme lack of success.

As my company, approached 10 years of business we’re on a movement to mobilize Entrepreneurs to get on the paths of the least resistant to REAL Business Success.  The Moving Forward initiative is providing Business Owners with pertinent and applicable Resources, Opportunities Connections and Knowledge (R.O.C.K)

Here’s Your R.O.C.K this month: Examine and Apply these 7 Levels of Revenue and
watch your Business make a shift…

1) Wisdom ….When you hold intellectual property and solutions to problems, Revenue arrives!

2) Vision … Until you feel success, see success and desire success you won’t have it.You have to be able to see the opportunity is being creative.

3) Information …. Becoming a resource pool increases your Value and your Revenue earning potential

4) Relationships …. If you’re not respected for what you solve and respected as an individual, Revenue has a funny way of hiding

5) A Good Name ….Being seen as honest and having integrity increases your Revenue earning potential. Your references, referrals and word of mouth activity soars!

6) Property …Ownership of property creates diversity of your revenue profile and strengthens your financial position. You must own something!

7) Cash/Money …Money 1st of all gets you a seat at the table of opportunity and options. Money also gives you a voice. Money is a current and Money attracts Money. If you’re always broke, then you’ll attract broke!

Be true to yourself. Identify the Revenue Level(s) lacking in your world. Work on improving them and get on your path of least resistant. Start #MovingForward

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