The pains of being a Visionary to Build a powerful Brand

August 23, 2016

Being a Visionary can be a daunting quality. At times your brain is moving 100 miles a minute full of awesome ideas and visions of great opportunities. Then the next minute it’s frozen like a block of ice. As an entrepreneur, perfecting the ability to be in control of your visions and your desire to act on them is key to being successful. The greatest misconception is that all one must do if they want to start or grow a business is to be a visionary.

But, being a visionary isn’t enough if you want to be successful. In order to be a successful visionary in business, you have to be able to evaluate each new idea and know the difference between a profitable idea and an unprofitable money waster. I’m talking about Impulse Control!

Entrepreneurs who arrive to profitable status are those you’ve learned to Control their Impulse to pursue every vision and idea.

The best way to turn new ideas into rewarding accomplishments is to:

1) Don’t jump at the first sign of a vision. Give yourself the opportunity to think all the way

through the idea. Get a pen and a piece of paper out. Begin writing out what you envisioned. Write as far as you can see. Either the vision will grow into something great or it will be filed away as a “Good Thing I Didn’t act on That!”

2) Be clear on what it will take to bring that new idea to conception. The exciting part about a vision is that you you have the luxury of seeing the end. You’re spared the pain of seeing the in between fight and sacrifice….That’s the, How did I get there thing…Keep this in mind, every idea will cost something…Time, Talents and Treasures aka Time, People and Money. Understand how much of each will be needed and if you’re really ready to make the full investment.

3) Don’t let the fear to say yes or say no be your driving force. Let your driving force be something greater than that. If fear is the only thing you have to hold on to…Start looking for another anchor. QUICKLY!!! Fear is one of the least effective motivators for long term success. It will push you in the very short term but hold you back in the very near future.

4) Never Stop Learning! Remember what you learned last month is on its way to being obsolete. Learn online….Learn at Conferences…Learn at Bootcamps and Workshops. Don’t think that your current knowledge will be sufficient. Be the Industry Expert you’re capable of being.

See! Being a visionary isn’t all fun and games. It comes with a great deal of pain and responsibility. It also comes with an awesome reward. Just because you had a vision doesn’t mean it’s a profitable vision. Exercise impulse control and watch those ideas convert into profitable accomplishments.

I’m your Chief Visionary and Facilitator of the learning moment. I certainly hope this has helped you think through things and be on your way to doing profitable things with your visions. Find a few more Branding Tips on 

Until we connect, Be Productive, Be Progressive and Be Successful!

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