Helping your Medical Process to Streamline Processes and Get Paid on Every Claim

Our service will help you:
  • Improve Day to Day Operations through streamlining & efficiency
  • Improve the Revenue Cycle process and reduce submission of poor Claims
  • Audit Business Associate agreements to maintain HIPAA compliance
  • Save money through the elimination of waste and duplicity
  • Improve the Patient Experience and increase your Net Prompter Score
  • Identify and Correct disconnects with your Credentialing status and process
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction and Productivity
  • Streamlining of daily Staffing Ratio

Dozens of medical practices have come to us struggling with maintaining efficient day to day operations, streamlining processes, employee productivity and getting paid on every claim. These issues resulted in losing return patients, loss of revenue, unpaid claims, poor in-office performance and excessive waste that was unaccounted for.

Working with a Strategic Planning company like Impact Branding brings relief, results and the much needed support.

You Could Start:
  • Finding out where and how to stop losing revenue in your Practice
  • Experiencing a significant improvement in Day to Day Operations and Throughput
  • Experiencing greater efficiency in your Revenue Cycle Process through timely Audits
  • Improving Employee Engagement and Relations
  • Receiving timely insight on the status of your Credentialing

Impact Branding Consulting is a brand strategy consulting firm with 16+ years experience in getting results through the power of Agility