Who Are We

We are a Brand Development & PR Management Consulting Firm equipped with Consultants, Marketing Specialists, Executive Coaches, Project Managers, Technology Experts and Professional Development Specialist. Our niche’ is Helping Healthcare Reach Higher Heights.

Impact Branding Consulting, Inc is comprised of a multi disciplinary team of professionals with a diverse background of expertise. The team of Impact Branding helps companies identify their vulnerabilities and best solutions. We directly contribute to the improvement, enhancement and development of our clients. Our PR and Branding Strategies are not only creative and contemporary they are also effective in ensuring our client’s brands make a lasting impact.

What We Provide

Media Recognition, Community Awareness, Press Releases, Interviews, Advertisement Placement

Branding Strategy, Creative Marketing Campaigns, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Marketing, Digital Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Talent Acquisition, Content Development

Product/Service Launch Strategy and Product/Service Placement

Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, Process Improvement, Performance Improvement, Customer Service Training, Cyber Security, BCLS & ACLS Training

IT Security and IT Protection

URAC, ISO, JCAHO, EHR, Vendor Audits, Customer Satisfaction Audits

BCLS & ACLS Training & Renewal Classes

How Are We Different

Impact Branding Consulting, Inc has a team of highly trained and educated industry experts. This diverse team structure helps our clients bottom line. As a team we conduct frequent site visits to clients and engage in collaborative business sessions to ensure success of each project. We stay current on business issues and trends through continuous education as well industry immersion. Yes, provide the consulting and training services that many organizations need.

Primary Niche’ Industry of Specialization

  • Healthcare – Clinical (Hospitals, Urgent Care, Private Medical Offices, Clinics)
  • Healthcare – Government

Secondary Niche’ Industries of Specialization

  • Private Sector Corporations (Service Providers)
  • Government Agencies
  • Trucking/ Motor Carrier Logistics (Trucking, Import/Export)
  • Building & Facilities Management (Commercial Cleaning & Landscaping)
  • Food & Beverage (Privately owned Restaurants, Cafe’s, including Multiple Locations)