If you’ve been struggling with maintaining efficient day to day operations and have been thinking it’s time to consider hiring a business consulting firm; you may be wondering what services they provide and will the services actually help. This Atlanta based business consulting firm, will bring structure, support and relief that the company needs. Here’s what you need to know about this business consulting firm, Impact Branding Consulting headquartered in Atlanta.


How will this Business Consulting Firm Help Your Company Grow?

No one can do everything on their own. Even those business owners who are highly skilled at their core competency will find themselves stretched thin if they try to do it all alone. Hiring a business consulting firm, such as Impact Branding Consulting to bring strategic planning support, equips and provides the business and the owner access to the most relevant expertise to achieve their current needs.

The value in hiring this Atlanta based business consulting firm will be received in the improvement to the performance, efficiency, and profitability of your company. Achieving these outcomes require detailed analysis of the current position of the company, evaluation of the current actions being taken and assessment of the unresolved challenges.

Devising a customized plan that is in alignment with the company’s short term and long term goals that will aide in meeting those goals will require strategic planning.

Hiring a business consulting firm is the ideal way to get a fresh perspective on issues, introduce new ideas, proactively pivot in the face of inevitable change and build momentum.

Here is some support a business consulting firm in Atlanta, like Impact Branding Consulting, can help your company have:

  • Streamlined systems and processes for day to day operations
  • Better productivity each day through effective time management
  • Roadmap for how to implement and profit from the company’s strategic plan
  • Successful market entry and expansion through strategic branding
  • Better cost control eliminating waste of resources and money
  • Effective new employee and existing employee training programs
  • An expert and partner to see your blind spots and avoid costly mistakes

What Can I Expect Working With This Business Consulting Firm from Atlanta

There are four primary stages Impact Branding employs to consistently get results and offer successful business consulting: Power Chat, Kick-Off Meeting, Strategize, and Implementation.

  1. Power Chat: During the Power Chat, the business consultant will meet to discuss and explore the pressing challenges, needs and goals for the company. Based on the findings the consultant will have an understanding of the company allowing them to determine if the services offered are appropriate to meet the needs of the company.
  2. Kick Off Meeting: During the Kick Off Meeting, the business consultant will get to know the inner workings of a company. To do this, the consultant must understand the company’s mission and how the company operates each day. Often this stage will include meetings with the owner (s), board of directors, and employees. It is also necessary to review the company’s finances, strategic plans and policies as well as other related materials such as marketing plans and processes for supply chain management.
  3. Strategize: During this phase, the business consultant takes all of the information learned and gathered to analyze the true issues for the company and then determines what change needs to happen. This will pinpoint a company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying current and upcoming challenges. The next step in this phase is to develop a strategic and customized plan of action for the company. A big part of the consultant’s job and purpose is identifying opportunities for positive change, consistent growth, and greater efficiency.
  4. Implementation: During this phase, the strategic plan of action is set in motion to resolve the challenges and scale the company. By drawing on the knowledge of a company’s strengths and weaknesses, the consultant is positioned to monitor the implementation and proactively pivot to avoid delays in achieving goals.

At times it may be hard for a business owner to hear the business consultant’s feedback about what needs attention. It’s crucial that the feedback is received with an open mind, trusting that the shared agenda is fixing what is wrong. When change is recommended; even though it may be hard to handle the change must be implemented in order to receive the results desired and needed

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Business Consultant?

Some of the advantages of hiring a business consultant include:

  • Taking Advantage of Expert Talents and Skills: Hiring a business consulting firm allows you to hire your weakness so that you are focus on your strengths. You’ll be able to leverage the depth of knowledge only an expert brand strategist can offer while gaining the added benefits relevant to your company. Impact Branding Consulting works with various industries. Learn more some of the other industries we serve by clicking the links below:

a. Healthcare Consulting

b. Government Consulting

c. Business Consulting

  • Access to Valuable Resources: One primary goal of a business consultant is to help your company run more efficiently and efficiently. A business consultant brings in a wide range of tools, resources and networks to accomplish this.
  • Get an Objective Perspective: Sometimes, when you are too close to a problem, it is hard to see the problem or very easy to make excuses as to why the problem is there. A business consultant is there to quickly get to the heart of the problem and then eliminate the problem.
  • Help Achieving Goals: Every business owner have goals short term and long term for the company. However being pulled into the day to day of the operations often times either prevents or delays giving the undivided attention needed to achieve those goals. A business consultant helps the leader step outside of the day to day operations, so they can be more strategic and intentional with their time, actions and decisions. At Impact Branding Consulting, we support leaders to Think Big; Build Momentum & Scale Fast.
  • Save Money and Time: Without a clear plan of action and the right sequence of actions money is wasted and time is lost. A business consultant, especially one who is a brand strategist, helps leaders and companies streamline processes, perform with efficiency, eliminate waste, reduce duplicity and avoid costly mistakes.


When Is It Time to Hire This Atlanta based Business Consulting Firm?

Business owners often find themselves wearing too many hats. And in an attempt to try and balance those hats, the company is losing revenue, missing opportunities, delaying growth and the owner is increasingly frustrated while losing sleep at night. A strategic planning firm, such as Impact Branding Consulting will be a partner to stand alongside the leader to reposition the performance of the company to be in alignment with the vision of the leader.

Impact Branding Consulting has been providing business consulting services and helping businesses like yours thrive for 16+ years throughout the United States and Internationally.

Some of the outcomes business owners will experience by working with Impact Branding Consulting are:

  • Improved day-to-day operations and efficiency
  • Improved financial performance of the business
  • Enhanced performance and efficiency for the company’s brand
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Implementation of a successful market entry and market expansion plan
  • Streamlining of systems and processes including automation


Are you ready to remove many of those hats?

If you feel that your company would benefit from exploring the options and opportunities to improve operations, streamline processes, improve the supply chain management or develop a comprehensive strategic plan for long-term consistent growth, schedule a Power Chat with our Brand Strategist today by visiting this link. Allow our business consultants to position your company to strategically perform in alignment with your vision.


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