Patient care is continuously changing and evolving, so the healthcare industry has more moving parts than most other industries and organizations. To stay competitive at the front lines of health and wellness, hospitals, clinics and doctors’ offices must continuously improve. Working with an Atlanta based healthcare consulting firm, your healthcare organization can make better hiring decisions, set smart strategies for the future, avoid costly oversights and improve processes to provide more a efficient and meaningful delivery of healthcare to your patients.

At Impact Branding Consulting, we specialize in streamlining day-to-day operations, improving overall performance and efficiency, and creating consistent year-to-year growth. Other healthcare organizations may falter in today’s competitive environment, but your organization can thrive. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of hiring this Atlanta based healthcare consulting firm. 

Process Improvement

Efficiency is critical in healthcare for a variety of reasons. Without efficiency within the office or organization, poor management could lead to poor patient care, interrupted office flow, and unnecessary low revenues due to unpaid claims. These problems affect the success of the practice, preventing growth. 

This Atlanta based healthcare consulting firm will start by examining processes within your organization to improve day to day operations within the organization. One of the benefits of working with a healthcare specialty consulting firm is the degree of objectivity that the healthcare consultant brings to the table. Achieving neutrality can be difficult for in-house personnel. This Healthcare consulting firm, Impact Branding, provides an impartial assessment of workflows and policies to identify problems such as:

  • Poor patient flow systems
  • Overly complicated office procedures
  • Problematic scheduling practices
  • Ineffective technology usage or technology deficits that contribute to office inefficiency. 

After identifying these problems, your healthcare consultant will work together with your leadership team members to create an optimization plan that will improve your patient flow, office practices, revenue, and ultimately patient care. 

Make Smart Hiring Decisions

Hiring the right staff takes time and strategy. Once a staff member has finally been recruited, organizations sink money and time into their training and orientation. Every staff member can be far more valuable than their salary; and because of this, the organization must invest in their employees. Once the staff member is fully trained, they become a valuable asset. 

This is why hiring the right staff person is so important. From office personnel to doctors, nurses, and even administrative personnel – every person within the organization must be provided a proper orientation to utilize their skills, and experience.

Sometimes, it’s hard for healthcare organizations to assemble hiring panels that can effectively assess the applicants fit for their organization. Healthcare organizations need to assess a wide range of skills, from medical knowledge to administrative skills to personality and behavior traits, making it more challenging for these organizations to make strong, smart hires every time. 

By helping with the hiring process, This Atlanta based Healthcare consulting firm will help your organization become more effective with your hiring process. Our Consultants help medical practices and large healthcare organizations like yours, develop systematic, streamlined processes to identity when a candidate will be a quality hire. Your consulting firm will support the development of a standardized intuitive process to help you know who is the best candidate for the job. So when the time comes to make an offer to hire them, you’ll have the confidence and evidence to make that hiring decision a smart one. Your consulting firm can handle all aspects of the selection process, including: 

  • Reviewing the accuracy of the job descriptions
  • Developing metrics for each job description
  • Assist with sorting through applicants to determine which candidates are the strongest option
  • Participating in interview panels
  • Developing productive new staff member training programs

Negotiate Vendor Contracts & BA Agreements

Expenses eat into profits, but for healthcare organizations, there are many unavoidable expenses. From medical supplies to technology, publication costs, and others, medical practices rely on substantial contracts with good vendors to control costs and get the best value for their money. That’s where your healthcare specialty consulting firm, Impact Branding steps in. By auditing and evaluating contracts with vendors and BA Agreements, your team of consultants help you reduce costs and get the most for your money. 

Re-negotiating fees and researching for more robust product and service providers can be time-consuming. Your healthcare consulting firm can spearhead these efforts, thus reducing your costs over time. Healthcare specialty consulting firms use their knowledge of healthcare and expertise in purchase practices to identify when healthcare organizations pay too much for particular services or products but get too little. 

Spearhead Strategic Planning

Large organizations need to engage in strategic planning at least every five years. These strategic planning sessions help ensure that the organization is positioned to provide excellent patient care while growing and thriving in the competitive medical world. Coordinating and planning a successful strategic planning session requires skill and experience.

It helps to have a facilitator. Your Atlanta based healthcare consulting firm, Impact Branding will help support your strategic planning process to keep all efforts productive and profitable.  

Create a Successful Training & Development Strategy

Many healthcare organizations struggle to balance the learning needs of their staff members with the clinical requirements of their patients. Having a strong training & development strategy in place will help ensure that your staff members are trained to maintain a safe and healthy work environment while patients enjoy a safe and healthy visit with their healthcare provider. 

A successful training & development strategy will increase productivity and employee engagement. Happy staff makes for happy patients. Your healthcare consulting firm will address low employee retention and poor employee satisfaction, discontent for staff meetings, poor communication within the organization, and declining work performance. 

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Remember that time and money have a relationship. Inefficient systems can depress revenues and prevent growth. Working with this Atlanta based healthcare consulting firm can help your healthcare organization become its best self and stronger brand. To start a productive partnership with a healthcare consulting firm in your area, contact Impact Branding Consulting for a free consultation. 


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