If you’re considering hiring a transportation and logistics consulting firm, many find the comprehensive services of this Atlanta based company extremely useful. A logistics consultant can provide a wide range of essential services for your transportation company. Additionally, this transportation and logistics consulting firm in Atlanta will be vital to the growth of your company. Here’s how hiring a transportation and logistics firm, such as Impact Branding Consulting headquartered in Atlanta can revolutionize how you do business.

How This Atlanta Transportation & Logistics Consulting Firm Can Help You

Logistics is a broad field that is designed to help companies become more efficient and profitable. Many transportation and logistics companies that keep this type of service in house, struggle with inefficiency and delayed payment for loads. However, hiring on a transportation and logistics consulting firm allows the company to develop the most effective and efficient daily operations that is custom-tailored to their needs. Even some of the world’s largest companies take advantage of a logistics consultant.

What Is Logistics?

Logistics is the coordination and movement of resources, which frequently means goods and materials. The term logistics originally came from the military and referred to how they moved equipment, supplies, and troops. Logistics must be carefully managed with business to create the most efficient supply chain management that works seamlessly to achieve economies of scale. Dedicated logistics is capable of coordinating the following:

  • Information Flow
  • Material Handling
  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Security
  • Transportation
  • Delivery
  • Warehousing

A transportation and logistics consultant will improve the overall customer service, daily operations, financial performance and will improve cost-efficiency. Bringing in a consultant to focus on strategies to improve dispatching, order processing, distribution, driver compliance, materials handling, paperwork, and supply chain management proves to yield long –term profitability.

What Can I Expect Working with This Transportation and Logistics Consulting Firm?

The transportation and logistics firm, Impact Branding Consulting based in Atlanta, will bring the much needed strategic support desired. This mutually beneficial relationship is a partnership focused on creating long –term success. Where other consultants may work with a company from myopic short term basis; Impact Branding Consulting works with each company from a comprehensive long –term basis.

This consulting firm uses in-depth analysis of company data and other pertinent information to strategically develop a plan of action; we then facilitate, monitor and support the implementation of the plan. Using a proprietary system and formula, Impact Branding Consulting identifies problems in the supply chain that create expensive issues for the company.

By using the latest in information technology and combining that with careful planning and re-engineering processes, this Atlanta based strategic planning firm have logistics consultant who use evidenced based decisions to improve the efficiency of a daily operations and supply chain, to increase cash flow and profits. Often, this includes advising on daily operations, materials handling, order processing procedures, dispatching processes, DOT Compliance, employee training, productivity, and transportation of goods.

How Has the Job of a Transportation and Logistics Consulting Changed Over the Years?

Since the middle of the twentieth century, the transportation and logistics industry has changed dramatically. This change was primarily driven by supply chains moving globally, requiring specialists and experts for a wide range of niches. This change has made the outsourcing of transportation and logistics necessary for many companies of all sizes that wish to do business more efficiently and more profitably.

Another factor that has affected trucking and logistics is the digital evolution. This is allowing unparalleled opportunities for the company to improve the timeliness and accuracy of their reporting internally and externally. A 2017 study predicted that by 2020, 90% of the amount spent on supply chain management execution systems, would be invested in cloud-based applications. While continuing to maintain supply chain planning tools on-site.

Readily adopting new software tools to raise the bar on logistics’ ability to plan and implement the most efficient supply chain possible offers many advantages. Some of the advantages of digitized logistics include:

  • Easier Scaling
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Better Data Security
  • Cost Savings
  • Multi-Platform Integration
  • Automation
  • Real-Time Tracking

Digitized logistics gives company’s access to see how the supply chain is working, in ways that were not possible before. Such technology allows the company leaders to make decisions with a more accurate and transparent view of things because direct feedback and reports are more timely. The right logistics management software is capable of increasing both the bottom line and overall efficiency.

The Different Types of Logistics

There are also several categories to logistics and types of logistics:

  1. Supply Management

This logistics of Supply Chain Management is about getting supplies to a specific place at a particular time for production or consumption. Operating much like traditional military logistics, this kind of logistics is concerned with both transportation and storage of materials and a method for evaluating the flow of supplies to make sure that the right amount of what is needed arrives when needed. Typical SCM would be getting the finished product to the customer.

  1. Distribution and Movement of Material

This branch of the logistics field aims to ensure that the materials that are supplied and stored are sent to their appropriate destination on time and intact. In addition to transportation, this also requires loading, unloading, tracking, and accountability for materials. Typical distribution would be moving items from a warehouse to a retail store.

  1. Production and Management

This branch of logistics involves overseeing the stages of combining supplies to create a product. This is likely to be concerned with manufacturing and assembling processes. For example logistics in the construction industry involves making sure that the arrival of supplies is coordinated with project timing for building.

  1. Reverse Logistics

With the reverse logistics branch, excess or return materials and supplies are managed. If there are returns of products, regardless of the reason or source, those returns have to be managed effectively as well as controlled. Management of returns is also directly tied to cost control centers, and the bottom line. Another type of reverse logistics is management of outdated equipment, by either selling or scrapping that equipment. So too are consumer returns.

Next Steps

Trucking requires ongoing and effective strategic planning for the management of compliance, operations, logistics and supply chain. This is why it’s so essential to hire the right transportation and consulting firm that understands the inner workings of the industry but also develops a comprehensive strategic plan for growth and success.

Impact Branding Consulting headquartered in Atlanta, offers comprehensive strategic branding supportive services to Transportation Companies worldwide.

For over 16+ years, our expertise and years of experience have focused on helping businesses like yours thrive. The outcome of our service has positioned companies to perform in alignment with the vision of the leader.

You Could Start: 

  • Experiencing more streamlined day-to-day operations
  • Ensuring that your revenue cycle is profitable each month by getting paid on every load
  • Improving management of paperwork and timely compliance with DOT
  • Improving relations and training compliance with your drivers

If you feel that your company would benefit from exploring the options and opportunities to improve operations, streamline processes, enhance supply chain management or develop a comprehensive strategic plan for long-term consistent growth, schedule a Power Chat with our Brand Strategist today by visiting this link. Allow our transportation and logistics consulting firm to position your company to strategically perform in alignment with your vision


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