DUNS # 080367780
Primary NAICS Code: 541618

Secondary NAICS Codes: 541613 – 541611 – 611430 – 541820


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise {DBE}

Woman Owned Small Business {WOSB}

Minority Business Enterprise {MBE}

Impact Branding Consulting is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and Small Business ¬†Enterprise (SBE) ¬†specializing in End to End Strategic Planning. Our services include Brand Strategy, Community Relations, Marketing and Training & Development. We’ve developed a solid team of experts who are capable to meet the special needs of government agencies.

We partner with your agency to offer solutions that accomplish your annual goals within or even under budget.

Impact Branding Consulting increases and enhances the value of your Brand Equity through a comprehensive range of services including, Branding, Public/Community Relations, Marketing as well as Training & Development.

Do you have a current RFP or upcoming RFP? We’d welcome the opportunity to hear about it.