Carrie L. Williams

Natasha Davis-Bowen is one of those extraordinary human beings whose vision and mission is entirely in service of transforming human lives.  Her selfless approach, her unflinching commitment in the face of adversity, and her personal example of living which she advocates, is inspiring and motivational. It brings the promise of new possibilities into hardcore reality. It is undeniably real, and thus achievable, beyond self doubt and social constraints. I have worked with her over there past few months in life and death situations, had the privilege of her personal coaching and the privy of hearing her speak and act on her convictions, her goals, and her ministry.

When she asked me to support her in her efforts to reach Oprah Winfrey’s staff, to share with America the work she was doing, I was inspired by her dream. I cannot say enough about the true love, devotion, and capability to achieve that this young national/international leader possesses. May this testimonial serve to touch the hearts of those who read it–– and inquire further, for the benefit of not only their lives–– but for all the lives that will be touched as a result.

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