Cassandra Reese

Hello my name is Cassandra Reese, and I’m being mentored by Natasha Bowen. I first met Natasha at the business meeting class in Conyers about a month prior to her becoming my mentor on July 27, 2009. I was so drawn to her knowledge of God’s word so I said to myself I can really grow in God’s Word being mentored by someone so knowledgeable about his word. Therefore I called her and asked her if she would be my mentor she said I will get back to you after I pray about it. I was impressed by her decision to pray before she could give me an answer. You can imagine how excited I was when she said yes. Natasha has challenged me in areas where I was insecure, unsure of my goals and just afraid to come out of my comfort zone. She has inspired me to achieve those goals I didn’t think were achievable at such a late stage in my life. But with God on your side and a great mentor all things are possible.

Thanks to Natasha encouraging me and sharing the knowledge God has put in her, I am in walking with confidence. Thank you Natasha for staying and listening to God.

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