Michelle Adams

We started coaching because my company needed structure and a better understanding of our brand and target audience. We lacked a sound business plan and needed to learn where we were losing money and how to better streamline ways to earn more.

Through my coaching, I have a better understanding of the immediate direction we need to take as a business with regard to our target audience, overall plan, and the persona of our business that we want our potential clients to remember. Because of the BeUnleashed Coaching program,

I am on fire! I have a better understanding of general business practices. I feel now that we are not just entrepreneurs, but CEOs. We have redirected our efforts in ways that will definitely generate more revenue in 2017. The things I enjoy most about working with you, is your positive energy, your willingness to share your knowledge and experiences. This program is exactly what I needed. It has truly been a blessing. Thank you!

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